Webb & Co., a firm of Israel patent attorneys, is a leader
in intellectual property strategy and management.

The highest quality is our primary goal. Clients come to us because we achieve quality results for them to leverage their intellectual property assets (patent, trademark, copyright, design and know-how). By understanding clients' technologies, products, directions and considering competitors and market channels, we develop a custom IP strategy for each client. Based on current and projected budgets and international exposure, we then implement that strategy in the most cost-effective manner, allowing for future expansion.

Webb & Co. is a dynamic patent law firm employing highly qualified and dedicated patent attorneys and lawyers representing clients from many industries who look to us for a wide range of services and professional support. We have experience in many technological fields including: biology, chemistry, pharma, biotechnology (agro, pharma, molecular, etc.), medical devices (diagnostics, imaging, implants, etc.), Hi-Tech (electronics, internet, software, telecommunication, etc.), industrial processes, mechanical devices and materials. Our track record of helping clients to succeed has firmly established us as leaders in the field. Our senior professionals have Ph.Ds in their respective fields and average over 15 years of intellectual property experience.


Our clients include:

Start-ups and emerging growth companies
Mid-size and large companies
Universities and other academic institutions
Hospitals and other research centers
Governmental and non-governmental organizations

“If quality is first it drives a certain set of behaviors,
if market share is the goal it drives a different set of behaviors.”

Steven Spear

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